Building Pathways For Job Seekers.

Helping people find their place in the climate space.

How We Started

Founded in 2022, The Green Jobs Board is the most transparent and accessible career platform on the market. We enable our employer partners to directly connect with driven, qualified candidates committed to making a positive impact. Our vision is to build the standard for an equitable and sustainable future together. 

Our Mission

To empower all job-seekers with the education and tools needed to build impactful careers that solve the climate crisis. We create accessible pathways and conversations that enable trust, transparency, and inclusion between our community of job seekers and employers.

Meet Our Core

Kristy Drutman
Usman Fahimullah
Caitlin Arnot-Copenhaver
Head of Partner Relations
Jocelyn "Josse" Gee
Head of Community Growth
Penmai Chongtoua
Head of UX Research
Sam Silveria
Head of Sales and Growth
Chris Nguyen
Product Designer

Our Values

Proactive Builders

We’re creative problem solvers and self-starters who aren’t waiting around for the next big thing. We take the responsibility to drive change seriously, and we leave things better than we found them.

Community Activators

Everything we do, we do for our community. Bringing people together, creating connections, and making collective forward progress is what gets us out of bed in the morning.

Candid Communicators

Honesty is the best policy, as long as it’s rooted in trust and comes from a place of sincerity. We don’t brush anything under the rug and speak directly with candor and care.

Knowledge Seekers

We approach every situation as an opportunity to learn, grow, and improve. We welcome fresh ideas and perspectives from diverse backgrounds because everyone has something to teach us. 

Relentlessly Curious

We dig deep to understand the “why” and always challenge assumptions. We’re explorers and innovators who seek out new ways to solve today’s problems.

Compassionate Leaders

We listen and lead with empathy, humility, and integrity. Everything we do is grounded in empowering our community and unlocking opportunities.

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